Picture's Up

Building a successful YouTube channel ft. Ismahawk-duo Danny Shepherd & Jeremy Le

Episode Summary

Ismahawk specializes in fan films, short action scenes, and other fun content for the YouTube platform. In this episode, co-creators Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le give their insight on building a channel of over 500,000 subscribers.

Episode Notes

Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le found common ground with a passion for filmmaking while co-workers at Best Buy, eventually leading them to start their YouTube channel: Ismahawk. After successfully crowd-funding their dream project (Nightwing: The Series), the Ismahawk crew has grown a loyal fanbase of over 500,000 subscribers. This episode is chock-full of deep insight on navigating the YouTube platform and how the team makes creative decisions to constantly push their channel forward.

Buckle up. This episode is a long one. #knowledge

The Ismahawk channel explores many different styles of storytelling including short-form YouTube content, short films, and stylistic vlogs. You can find Ismahawk on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Danny can be found on Instagram @DannyLaShep, and Jeremy @JeremyyyLe.

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