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Getting started with weddings ft. Photographer Michael Paragas

Episode Summary

Photographer Michael Paragas discusses the importance of having a documentary background and knowing your worth in the wedding industry.

Episode Notes

This week's guest is Michael Paragas, a Las Vegas-based photographer who is responsible for the majority of my behind-the-scenes content. Mike was thrown into the photography business with help from his mother, shooting chapel weddings in Vegas casinos. After learning from others and establishing his style, Mike has since moved away from shooting weddings and recently began working freelance, particularly in portraiture and occasional video content.

Mike is currently learning video and shoots with his A7RII rig and plans on upgrading to the FS5 in 2018. You can view his website here.

Special thanks to Sunrise Coffee Las Vegas for allowing us to use their space to record this episode.

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Works mentioned in this episode:

43:48 HYPEBEAST (Travis Scott, G-Eazy, Migos)

57:48 What makes a video CINEMATIC?