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Networking with social media guru Rosemary Fajardo

Episode Summary

Social media manager Rosemary Fajardo describes how networking established meaningful connections and landed her a part-time position at Vegas.com.

Episode Notes

Thriving in the downtown art scene, Rosemary Fajardo has become an expert thrifter and food missionary. Her solo travel adventures have led her across the world while couch-surfing in the comfort of others' homes.

After getting her start filming recap videos, Rosemary turned to the power of social media to network with other creative professionals in Las Vegas. She currently manages the social media accounts for Vegas.com and plans on starting her own blog as an influencer.

You can find Rosemary on Instagram and YouTube. Additionally, here is a link to her Europe Recap video and website.

Special thanks to Vesta Coffee Roasters for allowing us to use their location.

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